Larry King is returning - suspenders and all - with a new daily talk show for Internet television network Ora.TV.

The new venture is being financed by Carlos Slim Helu, Mexican billionaire and overtaking both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to be named richest person in the world with a fortune estimated at $69 billion, according to Forbes.

King's new gig will be similar to the Larry King Live show he hosted on CNN because, as he told the New York Times, he was getting restless and missed covering big stories.

I run into people every day who tell me they miss my show, he said to the New York Times. And a lot of times I miss it too.

The hour-long interview style Larry King Live ran from 1985 - 2010 on CNN. Throughout the years King has had on just about everyone, from The Beatles to Oprah Winfrey to Lady Gaga. Below we've complied some of the best moments from Larry King Live. If these clips of his previous show are anything to come by, we will have a lot to look forward to!

The Beatles: Paul McCartney and Ringo Star made an appearance on the show in 2007 to promote LOVE, their new Vegas Cirque du Soleil Show. Everything was going well -McCartney unexpectedly played the mandolin to the delight of viewers - until King called Ringo George. Whoops.

Carrie Prejean: 2009 was a tough year for former Miss California. She views on same sex marriage earned her national attention and a spot on the show. When King asked her about the pageant queen got upset, took off her mic and earpiece....and sat there instead of storming out.

Heather Mills: The former ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney showed up on his show in 2010 to advocate for amputees of the Haiti earthquake. How did she do it? By taking off her artificial leg and letting King hold it.

Lady Gaga: 2010 was a good year for King, who also had music heavy weight Lady Gaga on his show. To commemorate the event Gaga dressed in King's trademark suspenders and glasses. They looked like twins!

Jerry Seinfeld: King made a pretty funny worthy gag that caused some outrage when he had comedian Jerry Seinfeld on the show. King asked if the hit show Seinfeld was canceled, causing the comedian to get livid and ask do you know who I am?