IBM stunned everyone at the annual Jamf Nation User Conference when it announced that Mac users are more likely to stay with the company and they are more productive than the Windows users.

The Armonk, a New York-based IT service company, published its latest study that focused on the benefits of using Apple products in enterprise IT. The company found out in its most-recent research study that Mac deployment in the workplace leads to much lower support cost and smaller numbers of support staff than a Windows deployment.

In a study presented at the annual Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), IBM CIO Fletcher Previn talked and highlighted the IBM findings that show a big difference between the Mac users and Windows users in enterprise IT. Previn said that Mac users are 17% less likely to leave the company compared to Windows users. Mac users also tend to close high-value sales deals that are 16% higher than Windows users. In discussing IBM findings, Previn shows why Mac users are happy with software available. He said there are only 5% of Mac users ask for additional software compared to over 11% of Windows users

Previn also talked more about the cost of Mac deployment in the workplace. He said that Mac only requires 7 engineers to support the deployment of over 200,000 Mac devices across the company’s networks. In contrast, the company will need 20 more engineers to support the deployment of over 200,000 Windows-based devices. IBM reportedly has around 150,000 Mac devices deployed its network with the remainder of the Apple devices are iPads and iPhones, the ZDnet reported.

According to Jamf CEO Dean Hager, Previn’s data and Mac deployments highlight overall traction with Apple devices in today’s enterprise IT world. Hager also said that Apple’s devices are now becoming more enterprise staples.

IBM started to embrace the Mac platform and other Apple systems when it launched the Mac@IBM scheme in 2015. During that deployment, IBM has seen over 1,900 Mac devices deployment per week. By 2016, IBM had amassed more than 90,000 Mac machines deployed.

The American tech giant has made a number of big announcement s at JNUC in the past years. Last year, IBM CIO Fletcher Previn announced that the company was open-sourcing its provisioning process with the Mac deployment program, the Apple Insider reported.

Every year, the Jamf JNUC event provides additional evidence that Apple’s platform performs well in enterprise IT. Jamf, which has been described as the standard Apple in the enterprise, provides enterprise and management software that helps companies and organizations in their Mac deployments.

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