Apple is expected to launch new iPhone in October
Apple is expected to launch new iPhone in October IBTimes

The latest leaked images show Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 having a curved back and a bigger 4-inch screen. The images support the rumors concerning the device's edge-to-edge screen.

MobileFun in UK has created some mockup visualizations of the new iPhone 5 design. The images show that the home button cutout area will be much longer, perhaps to allow a multi touch sensor pad. Based on the images, rumors of the curved glass front face might be thrown out the window. The rumors concering the curved glass surface arose after Apple reportedly purchased several glass-cutting machines. The use of curved glass covers were first seen on Samsung's Nexus S.

Apple has continuously striven to make each new generation of devices lighter and slimmer than the earlier one. According to previous reports, the look of the iPhone 5 may resemble the iPhone 4.

However, with both a hardware and physical design alteration, the iPhone 5 may not be just a minor upgrade to the current iPhone. The new iPhone will carry feature a "new radical design" and images of a teardrop design have been floating online for some time now. The latest images show curved sides with perhaps a bit of tapering from one end to the other, so the idea of a teardrop case may still be alive in the iPhone 5 design plans.

It is also speculated that the new iPhone will include an aluminum metal backing instead of glass. Though the images do not explain the type of material that will be used, it is possible that an aluminum backing could bring a lighter weight as well as a consistent feel to Apple's current iPad 2 and MacBook Air design.

The new iPhone is also expected to feature a powerful A5 processor along with an 8-megapixel camera in order to compete with the latest release of beefed up Android smartphones.

With the iPhone's new A5 processor, the ability to play 1080p high definition movies has become more probable. With Apple's current dealings to deliver HD films through the iTunes, it may seem reasonable to offer a device that can playback HD films, especially on that new larger 4-inch screen.

Expectations are high as the iPhone 5 releases may coincide with the iOS 5 launch. Apple will have a tall order in terms of satisfying an enormous fan base waiting for the next generation iPhone. The larger screen display will satisfy almost half of what consumers want in the new version according to a survey by The Reg.

Over half of those surveyed consider cost to be a very important part of the iPhone 5 launch. If the recent moves made by Apple to reduce cost of iPad 3 are any indication, a similar move may take place in order to give the iPhone 5 competitive pricing in the saturated smartphone market.

Apple is riding high this quarter with 82% increase in revenue and profits up 125%. Among those surveyed, Apple can expect that 35% of US consumers are waiting to pick up the iPhone 5 once it hits the stores in September.

The Cupertino tech company will be in good position as it prepares the launch of the most anticipated device of 2011 and the addition of iOS 5 and iCloud will be the icing on the cake.