• Aurelion Sol will be the first champion to get a Comprehensive Gameplay Update
  • The CGU will focus on tying champion themes to gameplay more accurately
  • The rework has no specific release date, but it will come out later this year

Aurelion Sol, one of the most imposing characters in the universe of “League of Legends,” is getting a rework to make his gameplay more in line with his celestial star-forging dragon theme.

The rework was confirmed by lead champion producer Riot Reav3 in the latest Champions Roadmap blog post, which also covered a few more exciting bits of news for “League of Legends” fans. According to Reav3, Aurelion Sol will be the first champion to receive a Comprehensive Gameplay Update or CGU.

“The goal of a CGU is to update gameplay for two types of champions: Those that have high-quality art and narrative, but whose gameplay just doesn’t quite deliver on their fantasies, or champions with more complicated gameplay issues that can’t be solved by changing one or two abilities,” Reav3 stated on the dev blog.

Aurelion Sol falls in the first category since he does not feel like a dragon for many players. Riot agreed with this sentiment, with Reav3 saying they wanted to emphasize marrying Aurelion Sol’s gameplay with his core identity as a god-like being.

Aurelion Sol has one of the game’s highest first-day purchase rates, and he still shows up on the top 10 list of most-liked champion visuals whenever Riot conducts a survey, according to Reav3. However, the star dragon remains one of the least-played champions in the game.

Previous tweaks to Aurelion Sol’s kit were simply not enough, hence the need for comprehensive changes. Aurelion Sol’s model and overall visual style are expected to remain the same, but his abilities will be replaced by better ones.

The scope of the CGU will be slightly above the recent rework for Tahm Kench but below the likes of Sion, Urgot, or Dr. Mundo, who were all reimagined into completely new champions. Players can expect polished visual effects to go hand-in-hand with Aurelion Sol’s new abilities.

There is no specific release date for Aurelion Sol’s rework, but Reav3 mentioned they want to push it out onto live servers near the end of 2022.

The updated splash art for Dr. Mundo in League of Legends
The updated splash art for Dr. Mundo in League of Legends Riot Games