• Renata is an upcoming support champ designed for aggressive laning
  • Most of Renata's abilities are designed to poke enemies while empowering allies
  • Her ultimate ability causes enemy champions to go berserk

Not long after the release of Zeri, Riot immediately unveiled the next champion that’s coming to “League of Legends”: Renata Glasc, a haughty and woefully intimidating Chem-Baroness from Zaun.

Riot released a short character demo for Renata, showcasing her full kit in action. She is a support champion that augments the typical enchanter playstyle with the overbearing, drug-fueled aggression that Zaun’s chem barons are known for.

Renata Glasc Abilities Overview

As a support champion, most of Renata’s value comes in the form of buffs and debuffs. She uses Zaun’s Chemtech to augment her allies and drive enemies to madness.

Passively, Renata’s basic attacks mark enemies and deal bonus damage. If an ally hits a marked target, the mark is consumed, and the enemy is dealt extra damage.

Her first ability, Handshake, launches a projectile that roots enemies in place. This ability can be reactivated to throw an enemy toward a targeted direction, briefly stunning them if the thrown enemy is a champion.

Renata’s second ability is Bailout, which has already become a point of controversy. This ability buffs Renata and a targeted ally, empowering their attack speed and movement speed toward enemies. Taking down champions refreshes the buff for both Renata and her ally.

If the buffed ally dies while Bailout is active, they are immediately revived with 100% grey health that burns over three seconds. If the ally takes an enemy champion down within this duration, the burn effect is removed.

Loyalty Program launches rockets that shield allies while damaging and slowing enemies they pass through. The rockets’ effects are also applied in a small area around Renata and an explosion once they travel far enough.

Renata’s ultimate, Hostile Takeover, causes her to launch a slow-moving wave of chemicals that makes all enemies hit go Berserk, causing them to attack everything within range, including their teammates. In a big team fight, Berserk enemies will prioritize targeting their allies first, neutral units second, Renata’s team third and Renata herself last.

Renata Glasc is already set to shake up the meta with her unique skillset and playstyle. Players should be able to test her out in the next PBE patch ahead of her actual release in the live version of the game soon.

Renata's Admiral Glasc skin in League of Legends
Renata's Admiral Glasc skin in League of Legends Riot Games