• Each Pentakill member is getting a new skin
  • The band’s new album will launch on Sept. 8
  • Viego, the Ruined King, is the band's newest member

A new batch of Pentakill skins will be released alongside the debut of the virtual heavy metal band’s latest album in September, in celebration of the group’s comeback after years of absence.

Pentakill will be receiving the K/DA treatment with new and refined skins for each of the band members while also introducing a new member, Viego. The Ruined King will be joining the metal band as their seventh member and second guitarist.

Riot seems to have ditched the real-world metal band look for Pentakill in favor of a heavier fantasy vibe. Each member’s new design appears to be heavily inspired by heavy metal album covers, especially Mordekaiser’s suit of armor. The official splash art for each member was revealed by the “League Of Legends” Twitter account and previews of each skin was uploaded by YouTuber SkinSpotlights.

Pentakill's Lost Chapter album will release alongside new skins for all of the band's members Pentakill's Lost Chapter album will release alongside new skins for all of the band's members Photo: Riot Games

The new theme of the Pentakill skins reflect the rewritten lore behind the band’s conception, as explained in a teaser video for the upcoming “Lost Chapter” album. Like the other skin lines in “League Of Legends,” it appears that Pentakill will now exist in its own universe where metal music is worshipped as a religion based on cosmic gods of rock.

In-game, the skins feature new character models, sound effects and visual effects for each member. The most notable feature for each skin is that they all play riffs or sound bits of the band’s music. Mordekaiser’s ultimate, for instance, now plays a continuous heavy metal guitar solo while he is inside his Death Realm with an enemy, giving him veritable boss fight vibes.

Pentakill is Riot’s first music brand from “League Of Legends.” The virtual group is composed of seven (previously five) champions from the game who are represented by various real-life metal artists, including Masterplan’s Jorn Lande, Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo, legendary Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and many more.

The group has released two full-length albums: “Smite and Ignite” and “Grasp of the Undying.” Their newest album, “Lost Chapter,” is due out on Sept. 8 along with the new skins. However, the new Pentakill skins are now available on the PBE for testing.