• A new leak shows an image of the iPhone 12 packaging
  • The image indicates the device won't come with a charging brick
  • The leaker said its source is "really reliable"

Previous reports said Apple might not ship iPhone 12 series devices with wired earbuds and chargers. A new leak seems to add credence to the latter.

An image showing the purported iPhone 12 packaging indicates that the iPhone 12 series models will not come with a charging brick. The image, uploaded by ConceptsiPhone, shows a slim inner box that seems to provide just enough room for the handset and a few more things. There's no room for a charging brick.

ConceptsiPhone told 9To5Mac that the image came from a “really reliable source.”

However, the image isn't verified at the moment, and it remains unclear whether or not Apple will ship charging bricks with the new flagship models.

The leaked inner box photo implies that Apple just might ship the iPhone 12 units with nothing more than a charging cable and a manual or iPhone booklet. 9To5Mac said it hopes that despite the slim packaging, the iPhone 12 will still come with some Apple stickers.

Previous reports

The new leak seems to contradict an earlier report about the iPhone 12. The report claimed that the iPhone 12 might come with a 20W charger in the box. The claim came from a leaked image of an Apple charging brick, which has “20W” explicitly displayed on it.

Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, however, doesn't agree with this earlier claim. The TF International Securities analyst, known for making accurate predictions about Apple's products and plans, said the iPhone 12 will not be shipped with a charging brick inside the box.

He said the 20W chargers will be shipped alongside upcoming iPad models, specifically a 10.8-inch iPad that will be released later this year and a smaller 8.5-inch iPad Mini that will be released in 2021. Those who will purchase an iPhone 12 series handset, he said, will need to buy the 20W as a separate accessory.

Is this final?

That said, nothing is confirmed at the moment. Even though ConceptsiPhone's source is “really reliable” and its leak seems confirmed by an accurate analyst, the Cupertino tech giant hasn't announced anything about it yet. This means things could change leading to the release.

Fans are advised to stay tuned for more updates as they come.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing
iPhone 11 Pro. Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)