Leap of Champions
The Kickstarter campaign for “Leap of Champions” was launched last week. Kickstarter

LEAF Games & Software’s “Leap of Champions” promises an addicting Arena FPS that has the same elements as the shooter games from the ’90s. Find out more about the gameplay, maps and rewards of the free-to-play game below.

For over a year now, LEAF Games & Software has been hard at work in independently developing “Leap of Champions,” the indie studio’s Arena FPS which, it says, combines the “speed, mechanics and addictiveness” of shooter games from the ’90s in a sci-fi universe. But at present, the developer is asking for crowdfunding support in order for it to realize its goal of making a free-to-play game that centers on a fighting sport known as the Tournament of Leap of Champions.


The developer describes “Leap of Champions” as a fast-paced competitive action game that is set in the future. It also compares the game to “Unreal Tournament” and “Doom” for it has the Arena FPS features fans of the genre love, such as the ability of connecting players across the world. The Tournament has one rule and it’s to frag instead of getting fragged by opponents. Also, there is an assurance that every match is fair for players always start with the same equipment and health.

Despite being set in a futuristic sci-fi universe, players will see that the locations are abstracts inspired by real-life places. Not only that, the arena sets in the Tournament are a mix of past and future. The developer indicated that the gaming environment is fast and smart and provides a venue for veterans and newcomers to fight each other. However, the matchmaking prevents veterans from overkilling newbies.

While the game focuses on the Tournament, LEAF Games has expressed its intention of organizing seasonal championships that will be associated, on rotation, to the game’s different modes: Free for All, Deathmatch and Ritual.

Leap of Champions screenshot 2
“Leap of Champions” screenshot Kickstarter


“Leap of Champions” has different maps for the matches. Each map is designed with intricate details and optimized to ensure the fastness of a quality FPS arena shooter. The developer stated that the maps boast of late PS3 quality sans compromises on the smoothness of the game.

LEAF Games has already named four Maps, but two of which are still in the works:

  • Urban Chaos - This Map is of a place that combines ancient and advanced architecture. Thus, players will notice the presence of 20th century buildings and futuristic structures. Unfortunately, most of the buildings appear to be dilapidated.
  • Crystal War - This Map is of a crystallized planet where a certain rock called Aarim is extracted to produce ammo and building materials. Apart from the glowing crystals scattered in this world, players will also see historical temples here and there.
  • Flying Forestech - This Map is marked as “coming soon” in the campaign. It is described as having a naturalistic environment that meets the future. To be specific, it features the wilderness as the background of a flying structure of mechanical platforms that are linked through bridges.
  • Frost Bunker - This is another Map that is still in the works. It looks like a field where a huge war took place a long time ago. Players will find a military base that is made up of blue glowed bunkers in this environment. There are also spaceship remains in various areas of this Map.
Leap of Champions screenshot
“Leap of Champions” battle screenshot Kickstarter


“Leap of Champions” is a free-to-play game, but the developers are asking for donations in order for them to finish the project. The funds they will raise through the Kickstarter campaign are also expected to expedite the development process. Because of this, LEAF Games is giving rewards to fans who will help in raising the €15,000 initial goal and, hopefully, the still undisclosed stretch goals of the project. The different rewards are as follows:

  • €1 - Thank You in the credits
  • €5 - HD wallpaper, in-game Kickstarter Avatar and previous reward
  • €10 - OST of the game and previous rewards
  • €20 - A3 posted signed by the 3D and 2D artist of the game and previous rewards
  • €30 - “Leap of Champions” T-shirt and previous rewards
  • €40 - Digital Artbook and previous rewards
  • €60 - In-game Kickstarter-backer skin for character and previous rewards
  • €200 - “Leap of Champions” USB flash drive, a chance to design something that will be inserted in the game and previous rewards
  • €500 - The opportunity to design your own weapon for the game and previous rewards
  • €1,000 - The chance to be immortalized as a statue in an Altar and previous rewards
  • €3,000 - The option to design an easter egg mini game, the opportunity to have one’s name on the developer’s studio wall and all previous rewards

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