“Lego Marvel’s Avengers” continues to exceed expectations. While the game hasn’t been released yet, developer TT Games has revealed that there will be eight open worlds that players will be able to explore with any character and all of these locations have been featured in the trailer below.

Kotaku has confirmed that the locations are Asgard, the Barton Farm from “Age of Ultron,” Tony Stark’s Malibu home, a SHIELD base, Sokovia, South Africa and Washington DC. Fans might be disappointed about the locations only coming from the films, but the developers have promised that they will have plenty of things to do in them.

Fans can also expect the typical Lego humor in the game, which will break up the more serious sections in the game. This has been common since the first “Lego Star Wars” game, but it is somewhat nice seeing these games make fun of the Marvel movies and how ridiculous they can be.

In an interesting move, Superhero Hype has confirmed that Jessica Jones will be one of the many characters that will be playable in “Lego Marvel’s Avengers.” The character created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos recently came from a successful Netflix show, which gained acclaim from critics and fans alike, with some saying it was better than the “Daredevil” Netflix show.

Since the Lego games are meant to appeal to all ages Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones will all be in their comic book costumes rather than their Netflix attires. Since those shows are meant for adults the developers felt that their appearances wouldn’t work with the fun tone of the Lego games.

That being said fans probably won’t complain too much with characters like the new female Thor, America Chavez, Fin Fang Foom and more joining the game’s roster. Despite the game’s campaign focusing on the films a number of new characters from the comic books have been added, which should please plenty of fans.

“Lego Marvel’s Avengers” is slated for a Jan. 26 release and will be available for every major console. Fans that want an early taste of this can get “Lego Marvel Superheroes.”

LEGO Marvel's Avengers - Open World Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)