LG sure knows how to take the fun out of CES. The company has already announced a handful of new devices it plans to unveil at this year's CES, including new mid-range smartphones

Now LG is planning to have a levitating speaker at the show

LG’s PJ9 wireless Bluetooth speaker combines high-quality music with the ability to float around. The plain, white, egg-shaped speaker hovers over a base, which LG calls the Levitation Station. The speaker also promises 360-degree sound and a 10-hour battery life.

The speaker gives users the ability to play music, podcasts and other audio content. 

The PJ9 is IPX7 compliant so you can listen to it outside, even if it’s raining outside. When it runs out of battery, the floating device descends to the base station to recharge. 

"The PJ9 wireless speaker is an exciting combination of audio design and innovation, offering the perfect balance between performance, beauty and versatility," said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. "This latest addition to our growing lineup of premium wireless audio devices will not only turn heads, but it makes the bold statement that LG is committed to exploring new concepts and pioneering innovative audio designs for consumers around the world."

LG’s PJ9 isn’t the first levitating wireless speaker we’ve seen. There have been quite a few speakers over the past few years. However this is the first time we’ve seen a levitating wireless speaker from a major manufacturer like LG.

We’re not sure of the pricing or when it will be available, but the company will be showing off the floating device at CES next week.