LG V10 - LUX
Here is a bunch of photos pertaining to the newly launched LG V10 treated in 24K Gold. Interested buyers in the U.S. can purchase this variant from eBay. Karalux

The new LG V10 smartphone was unveiled recently in South Korea, and it comes packed with a secondary ticker display, in addition to housing two front-facing cameras, GSM Arena reported. In addition to the beautiful colors offered by LG, the luxury brand Karalux has apparently come up with a 24K Gold version of the LG V10.

The LG V10 is currently being sold in the home country South Korea. However, the tech giant has not confirmed the international release date yet. LG offers the device in ethereal Luxe White, Modern Beige and Ocean Blue colors, Blog Of Mobile notes. However, the LG V10 24K Gold version has taken the exterior look of the device to a whole new level.

LG V10 - LUX2
Here is a bunch of photos pertaining to the newly launched LG V10 treated in 24K Gold. Karalux

The prominent Vietnam-based company Karalux has not gone overboard, instead, only the right amount of gold treatment has been offered to the already stunning device. Hence, the gold accent on the phone looks tasteful and exclusive. Other than the exterior design change, the under the hood configurations stay intact.

According to Karalux, the arduous 24K Gold treatment on the LG V10 takes roughly 3 to 4 continuous working hours. As Quang Tu, the Technical Director of the company, says the chassis of the LG V10 is built with stainless steel, hence the Gold treatment process is "quite easy and quick." In addition to the Gold layer, a special protective layer will be coated on the handset to guard the expensive luxury treatment. The 24K Gold treatment reportedly costs VND 4 million, which is about $180.

Speaking of price, interested buyers in the U.S. can order the LG V10 for $1,190 from eBay with free shipping from Vietnam. Readers can check out additional photos of the device from the luxury site.