Daniella Zoharetz
Daniella Zoharetz Daniella Zoharetz

Exploring baby fashion when having kids is always an exciting thing to do, as you can use style to further accompany the cuteness of your baby. However, in that search for new clothes, it can be hard to find clothes that really stand-out. With juggling the challenge of finding clothes that is comfortable, made with good quality materials, and is fashionable, it can be overwhelming when looking for reliable and unique brands. However, a brand that makes it easy to check off those boxes is LIORE’e, a New York-based luxury baby boutique. LIORE’e aims to fill that gap of bringing true glamour to baby fashion.

Daniella Zoharetz was inspired to create LIORE’e after she found it difficult to find what she was looking for as a young mother who wanted to style her baby: “Sure, some clothing lines looked great, but they didn't sparkle! They didn’t stand out.” Therefore, she was motivated to fill that gap and “to do something that combined babies and fashion” with a mission “to create unique, luxury items and accessories, made from premium quality that you would not find anywhere else.”

From that she developed a company that would explore baby accessories and clothes. She wanted to include all the sparkle and shine she felt was necessary to bring out the eye-catching factor she was looking for. Through focusing on the delicate details of her designs, as well as the comfortability of the clothes, she was able to develop the brand in a very successful way. Gathering attention from all the parents that were looking for the same thing, the brand has gathered a following of around 182 thousand followers on Instagram, while also showing great financial success with the brand being placed in Shopify’s top one percent of growth revenue in the past year.

Moreover, Zoharetz is excited for the brand to launch a new clothing line that will further the growth of LIORE’e. In accordance with the overall glamourous image of the brand, her “inspiration for the new collection was luxury, of course.” There is also a goal of comfortability and quality, as she will be using premium pima cotton to produce the clothes. In her words: “We love our accessories, but I really wanted to provide an alternative to baby clothing that was pretty, yet designer and made from the highest quality. So we are excited to finally share that with our customers!”

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