What happens when an iPhone where the Apple Card almost fully depends on becomes missing?

Probably one of the most paper-less cards that one could ever have now is the Apple Card, a cash/rewards credit card. It was specially designed to keep each iPhone user locked into their iPhones.

Even the statement of account, total balances, previous statements and payments come completely dependent on a specific iPhone where the Apple Card is locked.

Since all the Apple Card transactions are dependent on the corresponding iPhone where it is locked, one may think that a missing or stolen iPhone may mean so much trouble to an Apple cardholder or worse invalidate their card access.

Below are three simple steps for an Apple cardholder should he lose his iPhone.

  1. An Apple Cardholder may use other iOS devices such as an iPad to access the Wallet app.
  2. Once the owner gains access on the wallet app, the next thing to do is to call Apple Support. Wait for Apple representative on the other line to direct you to an Apple card specialist at Goldman Sachs, Appleā€™s partner bank.
  3. The cardholder must be ready with details such as name, date of birth and the phone number that is associated with the account as well as the last four digits of your Social Security number and the payment over the phone can now be done.

To avoid the hustle of possible delays in payment, setting up an automated scheduled payment system will help. Scheduled payments work like auto-debit functions, deducting the payment automatically to avoid incurring unnecessary late payment charges.

As per the missing iPhone device, the search does not end there. There are more steps that the Cupertino giant recommends.

  1. Turning on the Find my iPhone feature
  2. Wipe missing devices remotely.
  3. For added security, adding up a passcode is necessary.

Once an Apple Cardholder gains access over his wallet app, he may also find making a one-time payment helpful. The holder may choose from paying immediately or going to the pay later option.