1. Multi-touch Gesture (Mac OS X Lion: Is It Worth the Upgrade?)
Multi-touch functions in iPhone and iPad has now come to Mac. Users are now able to scroll, zoom, and swipe through apps much easier than before. Apple

The rumors about the release of Mac OS X Lion never stop - according to MIC Gadget, a Chinese Mac blog, the world's most advanced OS might be released as early as Friday, July 15.

MIC Gadget said on July 14 that Apple Store in China will work overnight. The overnight activity usually includes training Apple's staff to reorganize product displays and window signage at night, or perform any necessary tasks to facilitate each particular product launch. 9to5Mac and Apple Insider also confirmed that the employees in Apple stores will work overnight on July 13.

Apple didn't confirm or deny the rumor. It just said the Mac OS X Lion will release in July.

Mac OSX Lion has 250 new features, including automatic Restoration, Reboot into Safari, LaunchPad, FileVault 2 etc. Upon its release, the new OS X Lion operating system will be available as a digital download and will cost $29.99 for a software upgrade.

However, with no OS X Lion launching today, it means we have to sit back and wait for more rumors!

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