After launching an eerie teaser trailer featuring “The Walking Dead” actor Norman Reedus at E3 back in June, Hideo Kojima is back with a new footage from his upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive game, “Death Stranding.” On Thursday, Kojima attended The 2016 Game Awards and presented the second teaser trailer for the video game.

Although it’s good that Kojima presented a very different trailer at the awards show, the second footage still didn’t reveal a lot about what is really going on in the world where “Death Stranding” is taking place. Nevertheless, the new clip gave fans a treat by confirming the involvement of actor Mads Mikkelsen and film director Guillermo del Toro with the game.

The second trailer provided fans a closer look at the oily world of “Death Stranding,” according to TechnoBuffalo. The footage also showed hints on the existence of bizarre human-like creatures that control other people using mechanical-looking tentacles. It looks as though Mikkelsen is going to be a villain, since he is one of the alien creatures who has this sort of ability to make combat helmets disappear using mind power.

Del Toro also graces the video clip, but he appears to be one of the humans who is stuck in the war-torn world. His character may have the answer as to what is really going on in Kojima’s dark world, since he seems to be in hiding while carrying a capsule-like device that contains a fetus. This isn’t the first time that del Toro is collaborating with Kojima and Reedus. The trio previously worked on the “Silent Hills” project that was unfortunately canceled, according to The Verge.

Though fans now have two teaser trailers to keep them excited for the release of “Death Stranding,” details about the game are still pretty scarce. Thus far, Kojima has already teased that a heroine is going to be present alongside Reedus’ character. He has also revealed that his first game since departing from Konami is going to have a new co-op gameplay. The release date, the names of the characters and even the storyline are still unknown at this point.

Now that Mikkelsen and del Toro are already confirmed to be part of the game, it’s also very likely for “The String” actor Kevin Durand to be featured in “Death Stranding.” Back in September, fans speculated that Durand is also among the actors present in the game after Kojima shared a behind-the-scenes photo of an actor whose face was intentionally concealed by an on-set camera. It wouldn’t be a shock if Durand is in the PS4 title, however, since he and Kojima met up at Comic Con this past July.

Check out the new “Death Stranding” trailer below and tell us what you think in the comments.