Hideo Kojima is building up the hype over its upcoming game, “Death Stranding.” At the Tokyo Game Show, the Japanese video game designer, director and producer dropped details about the game and also shared them via Twitter to the delight of interested fans.

Among the things the director of Kojima Productions teased was the heroine of the game. He did not really give specific details on what the heroine would be like, or if casting for the role is ongoing, as per Dual Shockers. What he confirmed, however, is that a heroine will be present alongside Norman Reedus’ character, who is seen naked and mourning in the first teaser trailer for the game.

Another interesting bit that Kojima revealed recently is the new co-op gameplay of “Death Stranding.” Though the game will be entirely playable in single player, Kojima has said that “Death Stranding” will be a video game that fosters a bond among players. He also clarified that there would be action and battles, but gamers will experience a new type of action.

When it comes to the anticipated release date of “Death Stranding,” Kojima mentioned that fans can expect the game to arrive prior the Tokyo Olympics, which is going to be in 2020. He also took to Twitter to confirm that the release date is already set, but he did not give the specifics yet again.

For fans who are wondering what the game’s title means, Wired has learned that the term “death stranding” is a phenomenon when dead whales or dolphins get washed up on the shore. But for Kojima, “This title refers to something from another world stranded in our world.”

“Death Stranding” is Kojima’s first gaming endeavor following his departure from Konami in the wake of the cancellation of “Silent Hills” — the now defunct reboot of the hit horror franchise that was supposed to be developed by Kojima with the help of renowned director Guillermo del Toro and was originally set to feature Reedus.

While Reedus is already confirmed to be part of “Death Stranding,” there have been rumors about actors Mads Mikkelsen and Kevin Durand joining the cast of the mysterious game due to Kojima’s on-set teaser photos.