Hideo Kojima is once again teasing his fans with on-set photos of the work he is doing for his upcoming video game, “Death Stranding.” It seems that the Japanese video game director is hinting at the addition of another actor to the cast of the Sony Interactive Entertainment title.

On Saturday, Kojima, who officially left Konami in 2015, took to Twitter to drop hints about his new game straight from the Toronto, Canada studio where he is presumed to be working on the 3D scans for “Death Stranding,” Metal Gear Informer first reported.

So far, the only actor who has been confirmed to be part of the game is “The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus, who was featured in the game’s E3 trailer. But late last month, Kojima took to Twitter to share a photo from the set, and it featured a silhouette of a different actor.

The snap quickly got attention online, with many speculating that the new cast member was none other than Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Evidence surfaced online that it was really the “Hannibal” actor who was photographed by Kojima, but the game director has yet to confirm the rumors.

With the latest on-set teaser photo, however, it seems that Kojima is giving fans the same treatment as he intentionally concealed the identity of an actor who could be seen sitting on a chair with the cameras pointing toward his direction.

In the comments thread below the post, many of Kojima’s fans guessed that the photo is actually another behind-the-scenes snap featuring Mikkelsen. However, some fans of the game are claiming that the actor in the picture could be “The String” star Kevin Durand. The latter is backed by the fact that Durand and Kojima met up at Comic Con back in July. And at the time, Kojima’s personal assistant shared a snap of the two talking over a cup of coffee on Twitter.

Kojima himself also shared a snap of the meet-up and even proudly shared that they had been exchanging mails prior the get-together. What’s even more interesting is, Kojima also shared photos with Norman Reedus later that day.

The Kojima Productions founder also shared a couple of other photos aside from the newest on-set photo, but they did not reveal more clues on who the actor is.

Furthermore, the video game designer tweeted a snap where he could be seen standing beside his good friend and Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, who — per a PlayStationLifeStyle report back in July — will not be involved in the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive game.

Who do you think is the actor in Kojima’s latest on-set photo? Share your guesses in the comments below.