An Italian space enthusiast named Matteo Lanneo claimed to have found a structure on the face of Mars that looks like Mahatma Gandhi.

He said that he found the structure while going through the pictures of the planet in the Google Mars, a new online map pieced together from satellite images of the Red Planet.

The head appears to have a moustache and shaven, and has prominent eyebrows, the Daily Mail reported. Lanneo said the structure is located at Latitude 33°12'29.82N, Longitude 12°55'51.21W.

The latest Gandhi structure reminds us of the Face on Mars, a hill photographed by NASA's Viking 1 Orbiter.

Space enthusiasts said that the structure was built by aliens. But later on, an image taken with NASA's HiRISE camera in 2010 clarified that the face was just a large, rocky hill.

Humans have been finding interesting objects on the Martian surface for centuries. The phenomenon of seeing faces is called pareidolia - where a stimulus is perceived as having significance, be it a symbol seen in a cloud or a face on a piece of toast, an IANS report said.

According to scientists, the phenomenon occurs because humans tend to recognize familiar objects as a survival technique.

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