Pastor Jamal Bryant pulled from Chris Brown's hit song "Loyal" while speaking to his congregation at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland. Reuters

A well-known Maryland pastor pulled some lines from the book of Breezy during a recent sermon about relationships.

During his sermon at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Pastor Jamal H. Bryant shared a colorful take on his opinions of some women and the role he says they can play in limiting a man’s potential. In the sermon, which has since been criticized as being both misogynistic and homophobic, Bryant speaks of Pontius Pilate and his failure to “listen to the woman he had” (his wife, who warned him against crucifying Jesus). Bryant warns men that they should seek out a “godly woman” and avoid “running off with a side chick” that has “no anointing.”

Bryant adds that men should remain focused on the woman God sends them, initiating a call and response from the congregation. “Every sister elbow another sister and say, ‘He should have listened.’ Every brother tap another brother and say, ‘I should have listened to her,’” Bryant told his congregation.

He then drops the reference from the hit Chris Brown song “Loyal.”

“Old saints, y’all forgive me, but I gotta tell you. These hoes ain’t loyal!” he exclaims.

It is fairly common for ministers to pull from secular references, but many that have viewed the video claim use of the lyric was inappropriate and in bad taste.

But his Chris Brown solo wasn’t the end of Bryant's’s controversial statements during the sermon. He went on to talk about baby mamas as well as sanctified sissies.

Bryant took his Twitter account on Wednesday to defend his statements, claiming the sermon was taken out of context.