“Mass Effect: Andromeda” producer Michael Gamble has set the record straight on whether or not the action role-playing third-person shooter is coming to Nintendo’s new console. The game is set to release this year, but BioWare has only confirmed it for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Dual Shockers revealed that in a recent interview, Gamble spilled the beans if fans can expect a version for the Nintendo Switch this year. Unfortunately, the game’s producer said that there are no plans for the release of the new “Mass Effect” game on the Switch. Still, there is this glow of hope for fans as per Gamble.

“We’re not planning on it,” Gamble said then added, “If the Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for ‘Mass Effect,’ who knows. We never want to close doors like that.” Because of what Gamble said, it’s clear that there is still a possibility for “Mass Effect” to make it to the console hybrid.

“Mass Effect 3” was launched for the Wii U, and GameSpot thinks this has definitely disappointed a lot of fans of the franchise. Thus, it is not surprising if many are wishing for the “Andromeda’s” release on Nintendo’s new console that is slated for release this March.

When asked if the game is making its way to the PS 4 Pro, Gamble played coy by pointing out the technicalities that need to be addressed first. “In the world of [PlayStation 4] Pro, we do similar things where we say, ‘Okay, what are the strengths of the console, and how can we optimise to make that experience best for players?’ In terms of [PlayStation 4 Pro], we’ll probably talk more technical about that in January or February,” he said.

However, when questioned about the game’s possible launch on Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, Gamble gave a brief and definite answer. “We have absolutely no plans right now,” he said. Still, he dropped some positive hints when he added, “You never know what’ll happen after that.”

“Mass Effect: Andromeda” is scheduled for release in Spring 2017. There is no official release date yet.