• Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed that it is working on "GTA 6"
  • The gaming studio is known for hiding clues for its incoming games in its current titles
  • Rumors have it that "GTA 6" would take place in Vice City

A clue for the unannounced Rockstar Games' title "GTA 6" may have been uncovered in "Red Dead Redemption 2," which if accurate, could support previous leaks about the heavily anticipated "Grand Theft Auto" sequel.

On Wednesday, content creator Strange Man shared a new video on YouTube claiming he has found a massive "GTA 6" clue hidden in "Red Dead Redemption 2." The said hint is available if players inspect the skeleton of a Jesuit missionary in "RDR2." It is located in the southwest of Gaptooth Beach, east of the Sea of Coronado.

Players could find a letter in the skeleton written by Cardinal Blanco and addressed to Brother Rodolfo. Based on the content creator's analysis, the letter is a hidden clue about "GTA 6."

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GTA 5 remains the unrivaled king of open world RPGs set in modern times Rockstar Games

In the video, YouTuber Strange Man drew a comparison between the two characters in the letter and the Houser brothers. For the uninitiated, the Houser brothers are the co-founders of Rockstar Games and writers of "Red Dead Redemption" and "Grand Theft Auto" series.

One of the brothers, Dan Houser has left the company. This detail is a crucial context so fans could understand the content creator's claim. Basically, the YouTuber believes that Cardinal Blanco, the author of the letter, represents Dan Houser while Brother Rodolfo stands for Sam Houser.

In the letter, Cardinal Blanco is attempting to talk Brother Rodolfo out from traveling east and asks him to stay in California. "GTA V" Los Santos setting is the in-game version of California while east reportedly represents the setting of "GTA 6," which according to rumors is the fictional Vice City.

Additionally, Strange Man pointed out that Cardinal Blanco's name could be a reference to Griselda Blanco, a drug lord in Columbia. If this is correct, it could be a nod to rumors that the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto" sequel will feature both male and female protagonists.

It could also point at the possibility of a Columbian protagonist, which has also been rumored in the past. While the theory is interesting, it is still not official. However, fans are used to this kind of claim because Rockstar Games has been known to hide clues for its upcoming titles in its current games.

For instance, the game developer hid some clues about "Red Dead Redemption 2" in "GTA V." It also concealed some hints about "GTA V" in "Red Dead Redemption."