Microsoft has finally announced the successor to their original Surface Hub digital whiteboard, the Surface Hub 2S. This 50-inch behemoth is designed to be a better collaborative computer where teams can work together. It is slated to arrive this year.

The tech giant said the Surface Hub 2S is powered by Windows 10 and can run native apps and software such as the Edge browser and Microsoft Office. As it is designed for corporate use, the all-in-one digital whiteboard is also capable of running business software.

Although Microsoft hasn’t specified an exact release date yet, TechRadar reported that the Surface Hub 2S can be expected to arrive in June this year. The new device, which is significantly thinner and lighter than its predecessor, boasts of upgraded specs, new features and useful accessories that will change the way such devices are used.

The Surface Hub 2S has a 50-inch 4K+ Pixel Sense display with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The bezels surrounding the display are 15mm thin. Inside, it is equipped with an eighth-gen Core i5 quad-core processor, integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU, 8GB Memory and 128 GB SSD. It also boasts of crisp audio quality from speakers and a subwoofer.

Added Mobility

The new Surface Hub 2S is around 40% lighter than its older brother, weighing only 61.6 lbs. Aside from a significantly lower weight, Microsoft also made the Surface Hub 2S more mobile with the addition of two new accessories, which can be bought separately.

First, there’s a mobile stand Microsoft made in collaboration with furniture maker Steelcase. Dubbed “Steelcase Roam,” this rolling stand allows users to move the Surface Hub 2S from room to room without the need for two people to carry it carefully, or having to worry about it falling off.

Second, there’s the APC Charge Mobile Battery, a lithium-ion battery system that allows the Surface Hub 2S to be used without plugging into a power outlet.

These two new accessories turn the Surface Hub 2S from an office room fixture to a mobile digital whiteboard that can be used for conferences, team meetings, and group brainstorming activities.

There’s more

Microsoft is also going to release an even bigger Surface Hub 2 model, The Verge reported. This one has a whopping 85-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio. Although businesses might opt for this instead of the smaller 50-inch version, this larger model cannot be expected to ship until 2020.

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