A new Microsoft patent shows a unique style of laptop tablet kickstand. Potentially, the Surface Pro 2019 reboot could have this feature. Here’s what we know about this.

According to MsPowerUser, Microsoft has a patent that shows a seemingly improved kickstand, which is used to prop up the tablet and give users a better angle to watch videos or use their device. The new kickstand takes up almost a quarter of the screen’s back and comes with a mechanism that would allow users to close it while employing less energy than it takes to open it.

Aside from the unique features of the kickstand, the new Surface Pro 2019 tablet will definitely have longer hinge lifespan as the kickstand supports the screen instead of the hinge taking all the weight.

This new and improved kickstand will be more comfortable to open for users. The kickstand can be adjusted so to either have a little resistance when being opened for a tighter feeling of support or be a loose stand that can be easily propped up whenever needed.

The new features heavily hint that a Surface Pro reboot may likely arrive this 2019. The last Surface Pro generation was released last 2017, and many fans are still waiting for the next iteration to be released.

The Surface Pro is a tablet that can be used like a tablet and carried around but also features some specs and capabilities of a strong laptop in the market. Aside from its tablet and laptop modes, the device also had a Studio mode where its screen kickstand hinges can be adjusted similar to many artist tables and can be setup similarly even when outdoors.

Potentially, the new kickstand technology may tease a new mode for the next Surface Pro. For now, we’ll have to wait for Microsoft's updates to see if they’re going to implement this new patent on the next Surface Pro.

The next Surface Pro release has yet to be announced.