Microsoft has removed the Nintendo 64 emulator, called Win64e10, from the Xbox One Store just days after the app that revived Nintendo classics like “Super Mario 64” and “Mario Kart 64” was launched this past weekend.

According to Gamerick, a Microsoft representative has explained that the Nintendo 64 emulator had to be taken down from the Xbox One Store because it breached certain policies of the Windows Store.

It took days for the company to kill off the app because its people had to review the Win64e10 first before reaching its verdict. It also appears that while the review was ongoing, Microsoft initially hid the app from the marketplace, so users would not be able to easily find it.

The Win64e10 launched on the Xbox Store on Sunday, promising players the chance to experience once again Nintendo’s classic games. For just $10, the app enabled users to run classic titles on Xbox One.

Though Microsoft specified that the app has already been removed, IGN reports it still appears on the Microsoft Store, but it is now only available to download for PC, tablets and Windows Phone.

As for Xbox One owners who had already bought and installed the Win64e10 app before it was taken down by Microsoft, they get to keep the Nintendo 64 emulator. The only problem is, they are henceforth stuck with the one and only version available as future updates and patches will not be released for the app.

Win64e10 was actually one of the apps launched for the Xbox One after Microsoft decided to introduce support for Universal Windows Platform onto the Xbox One Store via an update it rolled out early this year.

Since the update that enables Window Store apps to be available on the Xbox One Store was released, the company has kept a watchful eye on the apps that are being launched for Xbox One players. As a matter of fact, Microsoft also removed early this month another app that worked as a multi-console emulator for ROMs of NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games.