Microsoft has recently confirmed the release of "Minecraft Earth" on the mobile platform. Potentially, this "Minecraft" augmented reality game has the chance to become the next big AR title like "Pokemon GO." Here’s what we know about this new "Minecraft" game.

According to CNN, Microsoft released a trailer that teases "Minecraft Earth." Players would be able to play "Minecraft" on an augmented reality platform where they would be able to make virtual structures next to real-life locations in the world. The game has been confirmed for a summer release.

In the trailer, the players can be seen building wonderful structures, such as castles and octopus statues, among others. There are also other natural scenery, like caves, in "Minecraft." The company created an optimistic view for the potential of “Minecraft Earth.”

When it comes to creative platforms with simple controls, making obscene structures often inappropriate for young audiences are to be expected. Recently, Nintendo’s Super "Smash Bros. Ultimate" launched its stage builder feature. Players could make custom stages that they could share to friends and the whole "Smash" community.

While Nintendo has prepared a system that prevents certain shapes from being made, many mischievous players bypass this and are able to put in subtle phallic or sexual imagery in the system, according to The Verge’s report.

According to Twitter User Sykin, Nintendo’s detection system is flawed based on the abundant sharing of stages with the phallic imagery.

Potentially, "Minecraft Earth" could have this same problem, and fans on Twitter are already expecting it. Regardless of whether or not Microsoft has prepared a system against phallic structures, players are known to be creative and may find ways to bypass such constraints with clever design.

For now, Microsoft has yet to confirm how prepared they are going for these types of structures. Since its release, "Minecraft" has been one of the most popular video game titles for children. If Microsoft’s security systems fail, it’s possible that the parents of these children might steer clear of this mobile AR title.