Microsoft just introduced its replacement for its Wunderlist task management tool. Reuters/Brian Snyder

Microsoft is retiring Wunderlist soon, but it won’t be terminating the task management tool without releasing a replacement for it. So today, the Redmond giant announced its upcoming intelligent task management app, called Microsoft To-Do.

To-Do, which is already available in preview mode, makes it easier for consumers to plan activities and manage a day’s scheduled tasks. It will still have the same elements found in Wunderlist, for the team who designed it was also responsible for the development of the latter. Furthermore, Wunderlist isn’t ending without all of its features being transported into Microsoft’s new app.

Microsoft has released an introduction video for its new app. The video details how To-Do works and how it gives users a fresh start every morning with a clean slate. Interestingly, the app gives users the option to also access the activities they failed to realize the day before. This option is found on the Suggestions interface of the app that also presents overdue tasks and recommended items based on the users’ daily activities.

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The new app is the perfect companion for listing anything users need to do at work, home and everything in between. It is helpful in scheduling projects and is also useful in tracking deadlines, due dates, reminders, notes and many more. Everything is customizable and users can even personalize each list with colorful themes.

The best part about Microsoft To-Do is it’s built on Office 365, so users can expect Outlook integration when it officially launches. When it does get support for Outlook, the app will automatically sync with Outlook Tasks, so users won’t have to encode them again to the new app. Plus, this will make it easy for users to access and manage Tasks across supported devices.

Microsoft has already made To-Do available for iPhone, Android, Windows and the web. MacRumors learned that the company is going to release it for the iPad and Mac soon.