Windows 10
Microsoft is rolling out an update that lets certain users run their Android smartphone apps on their Windows 10 PCs. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Microsoft has announced that its next major update to Windows 10 will include Windows ML, the company’s new AI platform. Windows ML will let developers use machine learning systems running in their apps, which could result in faster artificial intelligence.

“With the next major update to Windows 10, we begin to deliver the advances that have been built into our apps and services as part of the Windows 10 platform,” the company said on its blog. “Every developer that builds apps on Windows 10 will be able to use AI to deliver more powerful and engaging experiences.”

Microsoft says that the inclusion of Windows ML in the next Windows 10 update will offer a number of benefits to developers. Windows ML will allow Windows devices to perform AI evaluation tasks to enable real-time analysis of large local data like images and videos. Through Microsoft’s Cloud AI platform, developers will also be able to build affordable end-to-end AI solutions which can reduce operational costs. Microsoft also says that Windows ML will allow flexibility in terms of how developers apply AI tasks on Windows devices or in the cloud.

Microsoft’s AI platform for Windows 10 supports the ONYX format for machine learning models. This means that developers who have been working on AI for some time now won’t have to worry about learning new methods to incorporate Windows ML into their apps. Machine learning tasks will run on the user’s PC instead of the cloud. Windows ML will draw from hardware acceleration from processors and graphics cards, including those from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm, according to Engadget.

“For consumers, this is just the beginning! You’ll see more intelligence in every day experiences on Windows devices,” Microsoft said. “Developers can build AI powered apps that help you inspire and communicate in 3d, keep track of tasks and commitments more easily, and listen to music from playlists made just right for you.”

Microsoft has been using AI on Office 365, the Windows 10 Photos app and the Windows Hello facial recognition, as pointed out by The Verge. With Windows ML arriving on the next major Windows 10 update, users should expect more apps with integrated AI capabilities.

Microsoft didn’t reveal when this major update to Windows 10 will be released, but the company is expected to give out more details soon. Microsoft will also be having its annual Build conference in May, which seems to be the perfect time and place to reveal the release date of the upcoming software update.