President Joe Biden will make several stops in Florida on Tuesday in a campaign against Republican plans that threaten Medicare and Social Security programs.

The White House released a fact sheet ahead of the trip stating that "millions of Americans would lose health care coverage, benefits, and protections under congressional Republicans' plans."

Biden will be speaking in Broward County about the Inflation Reduction Act he signed into law in August of this year. Two benefits of the law are that it reduces prescription drug costs for Medicare recipients and caps the cost of insulin for recipients who are older and disabled.

Biden will also touch on Florida Sen. Rick Scott's 12-step "Plan to Rescue America," which acts as a blueprint if the Republican party wins control of Congress. Scott is the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Biden plans on highlighting a specific provision of Scott's 12-step plan that would sunset all federal legislation after five years pass. Biden argues that doing so would put millions of seniors at risk of losing their Medicare and Social Security benefits along with removing price caps on out-of-pocket prescription costs for Medicare recipients.

Another warning from the White House was that Republicans would attempt to remove the newly created ability for negotiating drug prices.

The White House has repeatedly said that Biden and Congressional Democrats are focused on both protecting Social Security and Medicare as well as strengthening those institutions.

Scott welcomed Biden to Florida with a video ad airing on Monday and Tuesday in South Florida. In the ad, he claimed that Democrats are the true enemies of Medicare and Social Security. He stated in the ad that "Joe Biden just cut $280 billion from Medicare, taking money from Florida seniors," and went on to call for Biden's resignation.

After the event in Broward County, Biden is heading to a Democratic rally for gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and Senate candidate Val Demings. The rally will be held at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, one of Florida's historically Black colleges and universities.

Biden is also slated to headline a fundraiser in Miami-Dade County for Crist's campaign.

More than 3 million Florida voters have already cast their ballots.

According to poll averages, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis leads with a 52.1% average to Crist's 42.2% and Sen. Marco Rubio leads with a 50.2% average to Demings' 43.2%.