Minecraft Story Mode Retail Copies
The physical copies of "Minecraft: Story Mode" teased by developer. Telltale Games

With the numerous snapshots released for “Minecraft” PC, the developer has now given a new beta for players on the Android version, the “Minecraft Pocket Edition.” This time, it will introduce a new feature that fans have been clamoring for.

Announced over the official Mojang website, the new feature coming to the beta 0.13.0 update for “Minecraft Pocket Edition” are Redstone Circuits.

The features for the latest updates are slated to debut on both the “Minecraft Pocket Edition” and the “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition beta.” Mojang has yet to announce when these features will come to the mentioned platforms.

The beta will feature the first batch of Redstone blocks. For now, it will not include the Pistons, Repeaters and other blocks, though this may come at a later update. The Redstone circuits will include Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure plates, Trapped Chests, Detector Rails and Tripwires. In addition, there are new wooden doors included.

Some tweaks have also been introduced to some commands in the game. The new Redstone can be used to control features like doors, TNT, rails and trapdoors. Boats can now go faster with different handling. Slimes and Ghasts can now spawn, while Skeletons can run away from Wolves.

For “Minecraft” players who are interested on being beta testers of the new update, there are three requirements to be eligible. "Minecraft Pocket Edition” is not a free app, so players will need to purchase the app via the Google Play Store for $6.99. Also, Mojang has an opt-in agreement to which players will need to agree with. Finally, the Android device of the owner should be able to run “Minecraft Pocket Edition” with the right version of the Android software.

PC players are still waiting for the latest update of “Minecraft.” However, that does not mean that there are no progress with the game’s current version. At Hull University in the UK, a new educational variant of “Minecraft” has been created for the study of molecular structures and chemistry.

BBC reported that the program is geared towards an interactive approach of the subject, taking advantage of the game’s simple but effective gameplay mechanics.

"'Minecraft' is a fabulous tool for exploring structures of buildings, landscapes and even anatomy," Dr. Mark Lorch, one of the developers of the program, told BBC. "It is a really novel way of engaging them and delivering information to them."

Currently, the unique program makes use of the different features of "Minecraft." These include treasure chests, goodies and puzzles, as well as the main building feature of "Minecraft."

"Minecraft Pocket Edition" 0.13.0 update (Credit: YouTube/ECKOSOLDIER)