Microsoft has given a death sentence to “Minecraft Pocket Edition” on Windows Mobile. To be exact, it is terminating support for the mobile game, but it would still be up for grabs from the Microsoft Store.

On Wednesday, Windows Central got a tip that “Minecraft Pocket Edition” on Windows Mobile devices will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Upon checking this tidbit, the Windows-focused news site got a confirmation from people familiar with Microsoft’s plans for the mobile app that it is really not receiving future updates.

The game is currently supported by Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. It still functions properly on both operating systems, but the game will surely miss out on the upcoming features and changes that will arrive on the iOS and Android versions.

The main reason why Microsoft is terminating development for the Windows Phone version of the game is the very low number of users. Apparently, only a few Windows Phone users are playing the game on their devices, so spending hours on the development and creating updates for the app has become unsustainable.

The developer of Minecraft, Mojang, has yet to release a statement regarding the imminent demise of the Windows Phone “Minecraft pocket Edition.” A major update, called the Ender Update, was rolled out to the mobile app last month. The update made it to the Android and iOS platforms and brought with it new features and performance improvements.

Unfortunately, the update did not arrive on Windows Mobile despite the initial announcement that it will be making its way to the platform. If this new report is to be considered, it is unlikely for the Ender Update to hit the Windows Mobile version of “Minecraft Pocket Edition,” as per Phone Arena.

For Windows Phone users who are interested in downloading and playing the “Minecraft” mobile app, they can still purchase the game from the Microsoft Store. The version they will be getting is version 0.1602.2.0, which has a download size of 87.12 MB.