Finally “Minecraft: Story Mode” has a release date, with developers Mojang and Telltale Games announcing on Wednesday that the first episode is coming next month.

“Minecraft: Story Mode” is a narrative-style five-part game that follows protagonist Jesse (you can choose between a male or female character and customize its looks), and his or her friends on a quest to “save their world from oblivion.”

Minecraft Story Mode The protagonists of "Minecraft: Story Mode" Photo:

The game is being released on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 10 PC.  The first episode, “The Order of the Stone,” will be available digitally on October 13, with the retail edition releasing on October 27. The digital launch also includes Android, iOS and Mac compatability.

Players will have to wait a while for the next episodes though, as they will be released throughout 2016.

For true “Minecraft” fans this style of narrative game is a new thing, very different from the original sandbox-style block-builder game. It uses Telltale Games’ decision-making mechanic style of gameplay in which the options that players choose at different intervals in the game affect the outcome.

International Business Times tried out a demo of “Part One” of the storyline during Pax Prime 2015 and came to the conclusion that the game was essentially an interactive movie with players able to occasionally interact with various elements and characters.

One of the great things about the demo was the humor in the narrative, at one point Jesse’s friend helps create a sword and says, “Isn’t it better when you make it yourself?” To which Jesse replies, “It’s a sword, not a sandwich.”

Check out IBTimes full demo review for more information and analysis.

Fans of Telltale Games’ quicktime style of gameplay, and of “Minecraft,” will probably enjoy the game. If you like games with high levels of interaction, or more open-world style games where you can explore, this definitely isn’t the game for you.

Players can purchase a “Season Pass Disc” to gain access to the full series of episodes; it is currently available for preorder on Amazon for $29.99. No word yet on when exactly the following episodes will be released.