Mininova, an alternative to BitTorrent tracking site The Pirate Bay, has lost a key legal battle and has been ordered to purge its directory of trackers linking to copyrighted files within 30 days or face fines.

A civil court in Sweden ruled the site will face fines of 1,000 euro per infringing torrent with a maximum of 5 million euros. All files on its servers that point to copyrighted works within three months.

In a statement, Mininova founder Erik Dubbelboer said he was disappointed in the court’s decision.

We are obviously not satisfied with this ruling, he said.

The result of this ruling for Mininova is that we have to re-evaluate our business operations. At this time, we cannot determine what this will actually entail or imply. We will have to examine the verdict thoroughly first. We are considering to appeal (SIC) this judgment.

The ruling against Mininova is the second major blow against file-sharing after a Swedish court ruled against The Pirate Bay, The Pirate Bay then announced its intention to sell itself to Global Gamng Factory X.