UPDATE: MSNBC's clip of Mitt Romney speaking about Wawa has come under fire, with conservatives accusing the network of selective editing. Check out the latest here.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was blown away by the sandwiches at Wawas, repeatedly mispronouncing the Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain's name as he recounted his first visit to a Wawa during a campaign stop in Cornwall, Pa. Is the former Massachusetts governor out of touch?

By the way, where do you get your hoagies here? Do you get them at Wawas, is that where you get them? Romney says in the video of the campaign appearance, which can be viewed below. Well, I went to a place today called Wawas. You ever been to Wawas? Anyone been to Wawas? I was at Wawas. I went in to order a sandwich. You press a little touch-tone keypad ... you just touch that, and, you know, the sandwich comes out ... it's amazing.

Wawa's headquarters are in Wawa, Pa., with locations mostly in the mid-Atlantic region. Wawas can be found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell wondered whether the Wawa gaffe was Romney's supermarket scanner moment, referring to then-President George H.W. Bush being in awe of how groceries are checked out of a supermarket during the 1992 campaign. Many saw the incident as showing Bush being out of touch with the public.

Romney's Wawa gaffe led the supermarket chain to trend Monday on Twitter.

Ann Romney doesn't need foreign vacations. She just takes Mitt to visit a Wawa. It's a DREAMWORLD of MAGIC!, tweeted Washington Post blogger Alexandra Petri.

Last summer, I got really drunk by myself and emailed Wawa begging them to open a store in New York. I understand Mitt. I understand, wrote Twitter user Myles Tanzer.

Mitt stands with the 99% of Americans who are amazed the first time they go to Wawa. #Mitt2012, opined user Kevin Eder.

Eder, evidently sympathetic to Romney's campaign, added, Mitt didn't know how to order food at Wawa? Gosh, that's almost as awful as 40 straight months of 8% unemployment & $5 trillion in new debt!

Romney stopped in Cornwall as part of his Every Tour Counts bus tour across the country. The bus tour has stopped in or plans to make stops in New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa -- all states Barack Obama carried in 2008.