Fashion blogger and model Lauren Scruggs, 23, is slowly recovering after suffering serious injuries from a near-fatal accident with a plane propeller. Scruggs' mother, Cheryl, shed light on her daughter's recovery on the website late Wednesday.

As I think through the last several days, my heart is a bit heavy today, Cheryl Scruggs wrote. The last three weeks, we all have been running on adrenaline, and now some of the reality is hitting. Now that the excitement of Christmas is over, we are continuing the marathon of recovery, constantly being reminded that this is not a sprint, but a MARATHON ... a long rode for Lauren, and us, as her family.

Scruggs suffered major injuries to her face, left shoulder and left hand. Surgeons were forced to amputate her left hand and remove her left eye following infection.

Lo has lost her left hand, a major part of her, that produced her articles and magazine by typing, researching and communicating on her computer. She is relearning how to compensate and figure out how she will function in this new reality. Losing her hand changes the way she dresses herself, opens her make-up containers (now with her teeth and right hand), and even making her bed, a new type of task, Scruggs' mother continued.

She has lost her left eye, which now puts her in a place with no depth perception, making even walking up and down steps a hard thing to do, which makes walking through a room without running into something, a challenge. She will need to relearn how to drive and will not be driving for 2-3 months only if she passes the required tests. Lo had a brain injury, which requires working hard at cognitive skills and regaining full use of her brain function, Scruggs' mother, Cheryl, wrote on

Scruggs had been returning from a flight to see the Christmas lights across her state when she climbed out of the two-seater plane at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas late Saturday. The 23-year old accidentally walked directly into the small plane's propeller and the blade sliced the left side of her face and shoulder and severed her left hand. She was immediately taken by Care flight helicopter to Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Following multiple surgeries, Scruggs' face and shoulder have been reconstructed, but surgeons were forced to amputate her hand and remove her left eye. Doctors are still unsure of how the hit affected her brain function.

They're telling us it's going to be a long recovery, Jeff Scruggs told GMA. Obviously she's had a lot of trauma to her head, and she lost her left hand and her left eye is questionable. We're praying she'll regain her sight.

The former fashion blogger has been walking on her own and has been working with physical therapists. She is in the intensive care unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and will continue to recover with the assistance of doctors, physical therapists and her parents. Friends and family members raised $10,000 to help pay for Scruggs' medical bills.

Scruggs is the Editor-in-Chief for an online fashion magazine, Lolo Magazine. She has worked as a part-time model and in the wardrobe department of the CW television Show, Gossip Girl. She recently interviewed Twilight star Kellan Lutz for New York Fashion Week.