Capcom has released the new “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” collaboration event in "Monster Hunter: World." As previously teased, Geralt of Rivia accidentally visits the New World due to a portal mishap and brings along the brief side story for the Hunters to help him out with. Here’s what we know about this event.

As seen on the official Capcom Twitter, the new collaboration is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC release of this event may come at a later date, according to the official "Witcher" site. Similar to previous events, “The Witcher” will bring some new hunter and Palico costume equipment and a unique monster hunt to the game. The game will last for the whole month of February and end on March 1.

The available costume sets for the hunter are based on the main "Witcher" characters, Geralt and Siri. The materials needed to make the Geralt costume will be available from the “Trouble in the Ancient Forest” quest. This mission will pit players against a known "Witcher" creature, a Leshen, while armed with a silver sword and a spells from the "Witcher" universe. Once the Geralt set is completed and equipped, players can use the Igni fire spell to attack foes in the game. Moreover, the materials from this quest can be also used to make the Nekker costume for their Palico companions.

Meanwhile, the Siri costume components are from the harder “Woodland Spirit” quest. Players will face a stronger version of the Leshen. Not only will this quest provide the costume components, but players who clear the event will also be provided with a new gesture, title, guild card and pose with the Witcher design on them.

After the "Witcher" event, the only other upcoming "Monster Hunter: World" content known so far is the Iceborne major update. Apparently, the new update will feature a whole new icy and snowy region for the players to hunt in and a monster which looks similar to one from the previous "Monster Hunter" entries. For now, we’ll have to wait for more announcements fto find out more about these new additions.