Having access to all the movies you love and want to see just got a little bit easier. MoviePass is now offering a totally new subscription base for 2019 that gives viewers the opportunity to see up to 36 movies a year.

Promoted as a gift idea, MoviePass is offering its members three tiers of movie subscriptions with a monthly rate plan or as a prepaid year-long subscription. The current subscription model for MoviePass only lets users see one movie per month, which has now been ramped up to three per month for a total of 36 movies a year no matter what subscription plan you choose.

With three subscription plans offered – Select, All Access, and Red Carpet – moviegoers can choose which price point they want to be at and what type of features they are looking for with their movie watching experience.

While all three movie plans let members watch the same number of movies, the Red Carpet Plan also includes screenings of one IMAX 2D, IMAX 3D, or Real D 3D movie a month. The Select plan is similar to the current MoviePass structure, while the All Access plan gives members access to all movies and all showtimes with no restrictions.

A 12-month subscription is also available, but only for a limited time and only for the All Access and Red Carpet plans. While pricing for the 12-month subscription is the same no matter where what geographic area you live in, monthly movie plan prices do vary, depending on the city where you live and the cost of a movie in your area.