Actor Robin Williams may portray singer Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent in a film about her life and how she became famous around the world.

I've been asked if I want to play Susan in the movie, Williams said according to U.K's Telegraph. I think she's incredible. That clip of her singing on Britain's Got Talent was extraordinary. So inspiring. It was quite a shock when she began to sing, he added.

This would not be the first characterization of a woman for Williams. In 1993 he played Mrs. Doubtfire a film about a divorced dad who loses custody of his kids and dresses himself as a Scottish housekeeper to see the kids again.

Recently, Williams has been doing impressions of Boyle singing I Dreamed A Dream in a thick Scottish accent to his celebrity friends, the Telegraph reports. That is the song with which Boyle captivated the judges during her audition at Britain's Got Talent.