Amazon's cloud-based locker service can now be accessed by iOS devices iPad and iPhone after Amazon added an update to its Cloud Player service.

TechCrunch reported that users can now access Amazon's Cloud Player through Safari web browser on an iOS device. When Amazon launched its Cloud Player with its music locker service Cloud Drive in March, the service was not working on iOS devices iPad, iPhone and iPod. It was surmised that it was due to lack of flash support on iOs devices.

However, TechCrunch confirmed that it was not the issue as the Cloud Player worked on a MacBook Air which did not have flash installed.

Currently, when users of iPad, iPhone or iPod access Cloud Player through Safari, they encounter a warning sign that states that the browser is not supported. However, users can ignore the warning and click on Play and the Cloud Player works.

Amazon launched Cloud Player to access music stored on its cloud-based music locker service Cloud Drive from any browser. When launched, the Cloud Player supported browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

While this comes as good news for iPad and iPhone users, Apple is itself in the throes of launching its own music locker service. In February WSJ reported that Apple could make its MobileMe service free which could serve as a locker for multimedia files. Earlier, Gigaom reported that Apple COO Tim Cook had confirmed that the $1 billion data center in North Carolina is intended to support its Mobile Me and iTunes.

While Apple is attempting to bring together the cloud pieces, Google is expected to launch its cloud-based music locker service at its developer's conference on Tuesday.

NYTimes reported that Google will launch the service under the moniker Music Beta which will enable users to upload and store their music trove on the web which can be accessed by Android phones, tablets and computers.