Honor Magic 4 Pro in Classic Black
Honor Magic 4 Pro in Classic Black Honor


  • The Honor Magic 4 Pro is optimized for uncompromised power efficiency
  • The phone features the Eye of Muse, Honor's signature camera design
  • The Magic 4 Pro comes with advanced security and privacy features 

Honor unveiled during MWC 2022 its brand-new phone model with super-fast wireless charging that’s due to be released in the coming months.

The Magic 4 Pro is Honor’s latest entry to the mobile market, promising users a solid handheld device option that can compete with other high-performance brands. Many of the Magic 4 series’ features are on par with those of other flagship smartphones, but it does bring a few new interesting things to the table.

One of these features is what Honor calls the “Eye of Muse,” which is basically set to be one of its core features for future smartphone models, according to Honor’s keynote presentation (via CNet). The Eye of Muse is the company’s take on a mobile phone camera design that enables high-quality photography without sacrificing ease of use.

The Magic 4 Pro’s camera features a single telephoto lens at the center with two smaller cameras at the sides, one for wide angles and another for ultra-wide angles. These are accompanied by two sensors.

The phone’s main periscope telephoto lens at the center of the already-iconic camera assembly behind the Magic 4 Pro can capture 64 megapixels for pristine picture quality with an optical zoom level of up to 3.5x and a digital zoom of 100x, making this a great option for long-distance photography.

Honor Magic 4 Pro's Eye of Muse camera
Honor Magic 4 Pro's Eye of Muse camera Honor

Meanwhile, the secondary 50MP cameras are designed for wide-angle shots, with one of the lenses capable of shooting ultra-wide angles.

All of the cameras are supported by a Flicker Sensor that prevents flickering and a laser focusing system that rapidly adjusts depth settings for quicker shots.

The front camera isn’t bad either, sitting at 12MP quality, 4K video shooting and AI-powered anti-distortion.

Performance-wise, the Magic 4 Pro boasts improved power efficiency and decreased power consumption when gaming thanks to Honor’s GPU Turbo X tech, which automatically boosts game frame rates while simultaneously managing the power consumption of the device’s 4,600mAh battery. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and up to 12GB of RAM, users will be able to comfortably use the Magic 4 Pro with today’s mobile games.

Externally, the phone features curved edges that offer better handling and an IP68-rated body that’s very resistant to both water and dust. It can be left submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters without taking any damage at all.

The Honor Magic 4 Pro’s screen features a 6.81-inch LTPO Display with a surprisingly high 120Hz refresh rate at 2848x1312 resolution and 460 PPI, which ensures crisp screen display quality with colors that pop out.

Wrapping all of these up is a suite of privacy and security software that helps protect the device and the user from any malicious cyber-attacks. The phone has an independent chipset that maintains security over hardware, while Qualcomm and Honor’s Dual TEE OS ensures that the phone’s software is well-protected.

All of these features are everything anyone can ask from a smartphone. The Magic 4 Pro’s high performance, its amazing battery life, an impressive camera system and 15–30-minute charge times are enough for it to earn our Best of MWC 2022 seal.