A 10-year-old girl has broken the women's weightlifting record, of all women all over the world in her class, for raw squat by lifting an astonishing 215 pounds in an event caught on video, gaining her notoriety as a viral Internet star.

Meet: Naomi Kutin of Fairlawn, N.J. who weighs just a few pounds short of 97 lbs. and stands at just four-foot-eight.

Kutin is now the record-holder for raw squat for the 97-pound division when she lifted 215 pounds at the RAW Unity weightlifting championship in Corpus Christie, Texas back in January.

215 pounds. That's just a few pounds lighter than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And this fifth grader sure has some ambition.

When I was younger, my friends would be doing a lot of things that I couldn't do, and I wanted to do something extraordinary, Kutin told KIIITV in January. I wanted to break a record of some sort and I just really wanted to get this record.

Kutin broke the record held by a 44-year-old European woman named Ana Geitner who pushed up 209 pounds, prompting those in the weightlifting community to nickname her Supergirl and has gained popularity as a viral sensation on the Internet.

Her dad, Ed, is also quite proud of his little Supergirl who began powerlifting in April 2010

She broke it on her second lift of three and didn't waste her opportunity, Naomi's dad Ed told The Daily Mail. Naomi was surrounded by burly men who would be deemed heavy weights, but she wasn't fazed. And there was Naomi, an average, ten-year-old stood among these towering and bulky guys waiting her turn. It was quite a sight. She went out there, took her chance and won the right to be a world record holder.

According to Kutin, she is quite the competitor on the playground at school.

It's great being stronger than everyone I know. I'm always beating the boys in sports at school, she told The Daily Mail.

Lucky for her dad, Kutin can beat out the boys.

Naomi has always jumped higher and done more push ups than other kids her age, even the boys, he said, adding, But beneath it all she is just a normal, shy ten-year-old with an extraordinary talent.

Kutin's mother, Neshama, agrees and encourages her daughter to push her goals to the max.

As her mother she always amazes me with her strength, Neshama told The Daily Mail. She proves that if you put your mind to something and focus on your goal, anything is possible. She has set the bar that much higher that it could be a long time before someone else takes the title away from her.

And thankfully, this 10-year-old won't let her title go to someone else.

If someone breaks the record then I will definitely try and get it back. Even if nobody breaks it I will keep trying to get personal bests, she said.

View the slideshow to see photos of 10-year-old weightlifting champ Naomi Kutin and view the video below of her squatting 160 and 187 pounds when she was just nine-years-old.