• "NBA 2K20" developers, 2K, also made a tribute to Kobe Bryant in the basketball video game
  • Many fans and players are mourning the loss of one of basketball's greatest
  • No new Kobe Bryant freebies and content has been confirmed for release so far

Retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter have passed away just today. ‘NBA 2K20’ developers, 2K, immediately made a tribute for the fallen star that could be seen by all players getting on the game. Many fans are already affected by Bryant’s passing.

Accorrding to the official reports as seen on the New York Times, the NBA star died after the helicopter he was ridingo n crashed near Calabasas, California. Bryant was with his daughter, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, who also didn’t survive the crash.

Many fans ranging from basketball fans worldwide, other NBA stars and even world leaders have extended their condolences and mourned the loss of the legendary basketball player. “NBA 2K20” developers have also paid tribute along with many who share the grief.

Upon booting up the “NBA 2K20” game, players will be greeted with the tribute showing a card of Bryant about his passing as seen on Reddit User LoneKingjaj's thread. Many basketball fans through the decades know Bryant as he was one of basketball’s “greatest of all time” players. Bryant was also the cover player of the “NBA 2K17” in the Legend Edition copies of the game. It is difficult to ignore Bryant's legacy even outside of the sport.

As for any freebies, event, or offers in light of Bryant’s passing, 2K has yet to give out any content to commemorate the great player in the video game. Many fans on Reddit are hoping that the developer resorts to sending out free Kobe Bryant-related content instead of offering purchasable bundles on the shop soon.

Players have also amassed on the game’s online servers to mourn Bryant’s passing. Each player donned colors and jerseys of the Los Angeles Lakers and even Bryant’s jerseys too. As seen in Twitter posts on “NBA 2K20” many players went into street games wearing mostly Lakers colors on each side.

For now, the tribute mostly ends with the announcement and no new content is slated for release soon. The official “NBA 2K” Twitter has also used the “NBA 2K17” cover of Kobe Bryant to commemorate his contributions in the sport, its fans, and his efforts in basketball for the future.