NBA 2K20 is set to be updated to version 1.07 tonight and, just like the usual, will munch a big bite out of your memory.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will be the first to receive the update, but Daily Star let out a subtle warning: version 1.07 will have PS4 owners to shed some 18GB, while those on the latter will come in at a whopping 37GB.

It is only fitting that the new update is this big considering that all previous versions were north of 20GB.

nba 2k19 With the success of its "NBA 2K" video game franchise as a backdrop, the game publisher is ponying up big. Photo: NBA 2K

Not much has been said about the new update, but a small but concise Patch Notes was revealed by Express UK. According to the website, version 1.07 will include a new MyPLAYER Nation feature to celebrate the 2019-2020 season of the NBA.

Once the new season is underway, players can go to MyCAREER to know more on how to earn double VC, MyPOINTS and Badge Points.

The MyPLAYER Nation will begin on the 29th and will run over the course of the new season, said Forbes.

In addition to MyPLAYER Nation, version 1.07 will also signal the start of the qualifying round of the third season of NBA 2K League. It’ll begin on October 22 and will end on November 11.

Of course, no new update would be complete without bug fixes. Developers came up with a solution where a player’s control settings are reverted back to their previous default when they are making changes or changing Neighborhoods.

NBA 2K also promised to have “many, many more fixes” that will further improve the gameplay and overall experience of every player.

Version 1.07 will also include a pick-up-and play Quick Game Mode between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors.

The demo is free to download from the PlayStation or Xbox store, although those who have previously downloaded the original demo can download the new version on their respective consoles.

 Express UK also reported about a new content that will “probably” be included in the new version. As part of new partnership with Nike, players can unlock limited edition Nike sneakers by playing the new MyPLAYER Nation.

Nike said that a total of 10 Gamer Exclusive (GE) Sneakers will be released for the entire 2019-2020 season. Nine of these kicks “will connect directly to Nike MyPLAYER Nation milestones,” while the last can be unlocked via a surprise Nike SNKRS cam.

The first unlockable shoe will be the “flooded purple” LeBron 17 special edition colorway. The shoe will feature both the 2K logo and the game’s “Welcome to the Next” tagline. In order for players to unlock the shoe, they must “upskill” their MyPLAYER avatar to surpass LeBron James’ rating of 97 and win their next MyPLAYER Nation match-up.