Apple TV's new update tvOS 10.1.
Apple TV's new update tvOS 10.1. Apple

When the Apple TV app launched last October, it included big-name providers, like HBO, Hulu, and Starz but Netflix was notable missing. Now Netflix is slowly making its way into Apple’s new TV app.

The Apple TV’s tvOS 10.1 update released last month came with the Single Sign-On feature. The function makes it easier for cable TV subscribers by allowing users to watch content across different apps without having to sign-in all the time. The Apple TV also lets users discover content from different services, and go resume previous shows and movies.

However, it seems like Netflix is not completely on board with Apple, 9to5 Mac pointed out.

When you search for a Netflix show like House of Cards in the TV app, you can see that it’s available in iTunes and Netflix, and can also add the show to your watchlist. But not all of the service’ content is available. Exclusive content, like Netflix’ Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, can’t be added to your watchlist on the TV app.

Netflix doesn’t work with the Up Next Feature on the TV app, and you also won’t find Netflix content promoted in the browse section that helps you discover new movies and shows.

To make it easier to access Netflix on the TV app, the streaming service will have to work with Apple furthermore to make it happen.