The introduction of the download option on Netflix changed the way so many people watch shows and movies. If you’ve ever watched Netflix in public, whether it be during your commute or on a flight, you’re part of the 67 percent of Netflix users worldwide who are willing to watch shows and movies in public even if it means potential embarrassment or exposing others to spoilers.

Netflix released data from a survey it conducted over two weeks spanning the end of August and stretching into the start of September. The survey yielded more than 37,000 responses and then the sample was balanced based on the ages and genders of respondents. The results were representative of adults online who stream movies and shows in the United States and other countries around the world.

Not only did Netflix find that users are willing to stream in public, users want to stream in public. Users said that they “rank having access to movies or shows higher than food and water as ‘essential’ items for traveling or commuting,” according to the data. Of access to food, beverages and movie and shows, 30 percent of those surveyed said that movies and shows were most essential, 25 percent said food was and 23 percent said water was.

While most of us have watched in public before, many of us are also snooping on others who do, too. We can’t help but steal a look at the screen next to us to see what show our commuting neighbor is watching or which episode they're on. But when it comes down to it, those watching in public don’t even feel embarrassed when other people see what they’re watching, probably because most of us have been there. Only 23 percent of people said they would turn off their show or movie because they felt embarrassed about watching it in public.

Additionally, most people who have watched in public said they have laughed out loud at whatever they were watching in public. One a more emotional note, one in five viewers said they had actually cried in public while watching a show or movie in public.

For those of us who steal a glance at someone else's phone or computer while they’re streaming in public, sometimes you get more than you bargain for. For 11 percent of people who have watched in public, they have also seen a spoiler from someone else who was watching. But being nosey can have its upside too, 27 percent of people surveyed said they had been interrupted by a stranger to talk about the show or movie they’re watching. Meaning that watching in public actually helped them make connections with other fans.