If the updated iTunes Store is trying to say something, it’s that Apple could be developing a new Apple TV that could launch later this year. Apparently, users have spotted an Easter egg that’s suggesting 4K and HDR support will come with a new Apple TV hardware. 

On Friday, Apple Insider learned from many Apple TV users that some new releases on the iTunes Store have 4K resolution and high dynamic range support. This discovery has since been taken as a clue to what the Cupertino giant is preparing for the revamped Apple TV. 

Users first noticed that their purchase history for new releases “Passengers” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” have listed the words “4K” and “HDR” beside their transaction. Obviously, this caused a lot of stir among users, knowing that there’s no 4K support on iTunes yet. 

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The discovery led some users to complain that they’ve been tricked into believing that they’ll be getting the films in ultra-high-resolution video formats. However, when downloading the films, they only got either 720p or 1080p content. This is of course understandable because the current Apple TV maxes out at 1080p. 

The appearance of 4K and HDR in iTunes purchase history is not something that should be alarming for users who have purchased the new movies. Instead, this is said to be the Easter egg that’s hinting at 4K and HDR support not only for iTunes content but also for the next-generation Apple TV, as pointed out by MacRumors

The idea that Apple could be revamping the Apple TV and adding support for 4K resolution to the upcoming hardware is not at all new. Last February, Bloomberg reported that the iPhone 8 maker was already in the process of testing its fifth-generation Apple TV that’s capable of streaming 4K content. 

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The report also claimed back then that Apple was planning to release the new device, codenamed “J105,” this year. There’s also mention of “more vivid colors” for the new device, and this could be implying HDR support. When televisions and set-top boxes have support for high dynamic range, they can showcase ultra-high quality content with greater contrast and vibrant colors. 

It’s high time that Apple adds 4K support to the Apple TV. For one thing, streaming services like Netflix have already begun releasing 4K content. Unfortunately, only compatible television sets and set-top boxes can take advantage of this feature. 

Thus far, the only products from Apple that can properly display 4K content are the 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display and the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. It would most certainly be great news for Apple fans if the Apple TV is the next in line to receive support for 4K and HDR. Besides, it would not make sense for Apple to offer 4K content on the iTunes Store without releasing a new Apple TV model to play it.