"House of Wolves" brings the Prison of Elders, a co-op arena where a three-player team takes on waves of enemies to earn high rewards and gears. Bungie/Activision

With the goal of addressing player concerns since the release of the “House of Wolves” expansion, “Destiny” developer Bungie has released a new patch that fixes a few bugs and features that came with the update. The update mainly addresses bugs found by both players and developers themselves.

A big chunk of the update has to do with Treasure Keys, as the rate of drops for these have been increased. Some of the areas where the Treasure Key drops have improved include the small chests in Prison of Elders and in Ether Chests. For the first Wanted Fallen Bounty that players complete each week, Treasure Keys are now a guaranteed drop.

There are also bug fixes that are specific to Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris. For the latter, bugs involving the Ship drop and the acquisition of the “Elder Cipher” bounty have been dealt with. There are also damage-related changes made; damage caused by Qodron’s Gaze has been reduced to 25 percent, while the damage multiplayer for Jailbreaker buff has been increased by 100 percent. In Trials of Osiris, Passage Coins can now be dismantled, and an issue with the emblems has now been fixed.

Finally, Ether Chests have additional fixes apart from the drop rate of the Treasure Keys. Restrictions have been placed on Ether Chests, including the one-time looting per spawn and the lack of ammo consumables granted upon opening. However, there are also some additions, including the ability to grant a small amount of the Queen’s Wrath rep and a chance to drop Tokens of Flight, Identity and Judgment.

As far as Bungie’s plans for the future of the hit “Destiny” is concerned, new findings may hint at trading between players. If a new trademark is to be believed, the previously spotted “Eververse” trademark has now expanded.

According to GameSpot, Bungie has also trademarked “Eververse Trading Co.” While there is no mention of “Destiny” in the trademark, nor has the developer announced anything related to Eververse in the “Destiny” universe, the new sighting has fans speculating.

What makes “Eververse Trading Co.” interesting in particular is the fact that the feature has been hinted at by the devs themselves. In an interview with IGN last year, Bungie mentioned that they are looking to create a player economy for “Destiny.”

“This is going to be a game that the community really drives, but for launch we’re going to be restricting it to trading items between your own characters,” said Tyson Green, in charge of lead player investment designing at Bunge, to IGN.

The reason for the restriction is Bungie’s limited knowledge of how the economy in “Destiny” will work. But given that the game has already been through several updates, expansions and countless gameplays and trials by its players, the “Eververse Trading Co.” may be toward Bungie’s future plans for the title.

"Destiny" Update(Credit: YouTube/Arekkz Gaming)