At the recent Microsoft Surface Event in New York City, Microsoft has stunned the tech world with the introduction of the slew of new products. Among the big highlights is the Surface Neo, a brand new category of devices for Microsoft. But this Intel-powered gadget won’t be out until 2020. 

There’s a lot of excitement about this new device. The Surface Neo features two touchscreens, along with with an all-new Intel processor, and new wirelessly-charging keyboard attachment and a redesigned Surface Pen. The hardware will run an entirely new version of Windows 10. 

This latest addition is actually a dual-screen device that can be used by the users to run multiple applications side-by-side. The Neo isn’t especially large, its only 5.6mm thick and weigh only 655 grams. However, it features a super-strong Gorilla Glass design and has the thinnest LCD display ever created, according to Microsoft. 

In addition, the hardware also boasts a smaller Surface Pen that magnetically attaches to the rear glass panel. Then, there’s even more, when this smaller Surface Pen is attached to the rear glass panel, the pen will charge automatically through the glass case.  This means that users won’t need to worry about charging the Surface Pen with the AAA batteries. 

Microsoft also added an optional keyboard attachment to allow users to type on one of the screens. The keyboard can be stored on the back of the device, where it charges automatically and wirelessly.

Like the other Surface gadgets, the hinge is this device is critically important. According to Microsoft, the hinge of this dual-screen device can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the users to fold the device around onto itself.

The Surface Neo will be powered by Windows 10X. This new version of Windows 10 has been designed specifically by the company to support dual-display devices. When users launch an application, the Windows operating system will open up the application on whatever display the users want. 

As for the power, the new hardware will be powered by an Intel processor. According to Microsoft, the new Intel chip is a custom Intel Lakefield processor. The Intel chip brings an 11th generation graphics, providing users lots of processing power for both screens.