In addition to the upcoming Moto 360 2 smart watch, Motorola is apparently gearing up to release a “Sport” version of the gear, similar to the Apple Watch Sport edition. The Moto 360 2 is also expected to come in two sizes.

Going by the photos uploaded by the credible tipster @upleaks, the Moto 360 Sport has a colorful outlook with black, white and orange straps. This device will apparently be rolled out with fitness-conscious users in mind.

While the Moto 360 2 has a sophisticated, classy charm, the Moto 360 Sport features a rugged design. According to the same tipster, the Moto 360 Sport release date has been set for November. The Moto 360 2, on the other hand, will be released in September.

To top it off, a variant of the Moto 360 Sport specific to China will reportedly support Apple’s iOS devices. Phone Arena, meanwhile, reported that the same feature could be applicable for the international variants as well, although, there is no official word at this point. Google, on the other hand, has also been working to bring iOS support to its Android Wear OS, which runs many Android-based smartwatches manufactured by Motorola, Samsung, LG and others.

At this point, the Moto 360 Sport specifications have not been revealed. However, the IFA 2015 event will give an idea of what to expect from this wearable device. Another Phone Arena report said that the Moto 360 2 smartwatch is smaller than the original version.

The bigger Moto 360 2 variant dubbed Motorola Moto 360L will reportedly house a bigger 375 mAh battery unit. The smaller version dubbed Moto 360S, meanwhile, could come with a relatively inferior 270 mAh unit. Readers should note that Motorola has not confirmed the Moto 360 2 specifications or release date so far.

In the meantime, check out the various photos of the Moto 360 Sport and Moto 360 2 smartwatches: