• "One Piece" Chapter 991 is still a few days away from its official release
  • A fresh and official information reveals an itneresting detail about the fight between Luffy and Katakuri
  • The new information from "One Piece" magazine confirms what many fans have been suspecting about Luffy and Katakuri's fight

A new set of interesting details about the unforgettable fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri came to light recently courtesy of a new issue of “One Piece” magazine.

The latest information was revealed by anime enthusiast and “One Piece” fan SoulstromOP and was reported by Comicbook. Based on the information from the manga, Luffy did not win the fight against katakuri fair and square. The Straw Hats’ captain took a “roundabout way to victory, the tweet claims.

It appears that Luffy had to “turn around and take a hostage” to win that fight against Charlotte Katakuri. The “One Piece” magazine described Katakuri as a strong character with the superhuman mochi ability. Apparently, the fan-favorite pirate got confused because he could harm his opponent even if he uses his Haki. Additionally, Katakuri has superior speed and strength and Luffy reportedly knew he could not beat him using his strength and courage alone.

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The latest issue of “One Piece” magazine justified Luffy’s action during his fight against katakuri. According to the magazine, Luffy is a pirate and not a man who wants to be a hero. Additionally, the magazine said Luffy believes that in the pirate world there is no word called coward.

This latest information confirmed what many fans suspected during the Whole Cake Island arc. Essentially, while Luffy won the fight, Katakuri was actually much stronger than Luffy at that time. The Straw Hats’ captain had to resort to underhanded tactics like kidnapping Brulee to win the fight.

With “One Piece” officially confirming this fact, it certainly adds a whole new level to the fight between these two strong pirates. Comicbook claims that it was during Luffy’s fight with Katakuri that he literally cried out with frustration because his opponent could not be defeated by courage alone. It would be interesting to see these two battle against each other again.

Luffy showed significant improvements in terms of strength and power after the Whole Cake Island arc. He has learned a new form of Haki while in prison and the current war he is currently involved in would make him a stronger and better fighter in case he comes out victorious out of it.