• Fans saw the announcement trailer of "Overwatch 2" at the BlizzCon 2019
  • To this day, Blizzard has not said anything about the sequel's release date
  • A new report claims that the game's release would be delayed

Rumors about the delayed release of Blizzard's "Overwatch 2" might have some grain truth in them based on a recent claim shared by one of the game's voice actors.

Blizzard promised fans that it would reveal more details about "Overwatch 2" during BlizzConline 2021 in February. However, there are rumors claiming that the game's release would be delayed. This is further fueled by a recent comment made by Genji's voice actor Gaku Space.

Based on the Korean voice actor's recent interview, Blizzard has not yet contacted him and to this day, he has not done anything related to "Overwatch 2." "I haven't heard anything about Overwatch 2," he jokingly said. "What's going on, Blizzard? I'm not fired, am I?"

There are two possible reasons why Blizzard has not yet contacted the voice actor. It's either it has replaced the voice actor with a new one or it's not yet done with the voice-over work for the upcoming sequel. The voice actor's remarks could also suggest that Blizzard has not yet started the voice-over work for "Overwatch 2."

Several rumors suggested that the game would be delayed and that the 2021 release window would no longer possible. There are also several job listings that seemingly hint that the sequel could arrive much later than what fans have been expecting. Industry insider Metro earlier claimed that the development of the game is going too slow and the game is still "far off."

The first game has a reputation for featuring heavy localization and dialogues with a substantial amount of dubbing for different languages. Usually, localization takes place when a project is still a few months from being complete. So, it is not really a sign that "Overwatch 2" is facing a huge release delay.

But just to be clear, Blizzard has not said anything about the release of "Overwatch 2," so technically it is not delayed. The latest hints, however, imply that the game would not arrive within its expected release window, which is this year.